Business eMails

Professional eMails leaves a mark

Business eMails like leaves a mark on your customer’s mind about reliability and you seriousness towards your business/clients. Get your custom domain business emails with large inbox, cloud implementation and archiving along with implementation and support.


Large mailbox size to accommodate all your mails in an organised manner

Active Sync

Mailbox items synced across devices and platforms to keep you aware of the most recent conversation


Book and Schedule meetings using the intuitive calendar functionality

Business Emails on Laptop and Mobile

Cross Device

Mails can be configured across devices to give you better mobility and collaboration

Spam Prevention

Preventing unexpected mails and keeping your mailbox clean from unnecessary spans


Support for all the services you buy from us including configurations and setups

Get your business eMails today

Business emails are necessary for building a credible brand image in front of your current and potential customers. Getting a business eMail on your custom domain makes it easier to keep business and personal communications separate, parallely lets you focus on the items which needs your attention at that particular point in time